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Twelve Tribes getting friends and families together

A tour in Israel is not only an exploration of archeological digs, synagogues, mosques, churches, nature reserves, market places and desert landscapes.

Grandparents from the west coast, who meet their busy children from the east coast and their grandchildren who are spread in colleges in remote states on rare occasions – are using a touring vacation in Israel as an incredible opportunity to combine an educational and fun experience with heartwarming family social time.

College roommates accompanied by their wives find the private tour to Israel as an incredible reunion experience. Extremely warm relationships have been built up between the groom-to-be parents and the bride-to-be parents – couples who had not know each other and would have probably never met each other if not for the children who had met in college, in camp, in a party – a meeting which had changed the family's life.


Twelve Tribes experienced tour guides are well aware of the tremendous responsibility in making such a tour a life experience – as well as any of the tours we offer.







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